Our Mission:

There are so many success stories about using IP camera to catch criminals during ongoing burglary, like this one, this one and this one. IP camera is low cost yet effective. However, it does take some efforts to setup camera properly. You need an FTP server to store images online, and an SMTP server to send out email alerts when motion is detected. That's all this website is designed for, providing you service for online storage and email alerts.

We are here to help you build up your own home security system in minutes, with monthly cost as low as $1. All you need is an IP camera connected to Internet. Once your IP camera detects any motion, it uploads images or videos to our server. NWatch will send you an alert email right away. From the website, you can also review images and videos in the past days, or even weeks.

With our unique Smart Arm feature, you never need to remember to arm your cameras to enable motion detection when you leave your home, or disarm it when you get home to avoid unnecessary email alerts. All you need to do is to install the app on your Android phone. ( The iOS app does not support Smart Arm yet).

Our service is built on top of the state-of-art Microsoft Cloud technology. This means you can enjoy the highly reliable, tightly secured service any time from any where. Your files will be safely stored in the cloud with you and the ones you share file links with be the only users to be able to access the files.

Your privacy is our top concern. We work hard to protect your survallence image and video stored in our website.

  1. Files protected by Microsoft Cloud storage.
  2. All files are private to yourself, unless you share the link to someone you trust.
  3. Your password for NWatch website is strongly encrypted and hashed, no one but you know the real password.

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