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How works?

In a nutshell, allows you to configure your IP camera to upload images and video clips to a secured online storage. If you enable motion detection alerts in the website, every time your camera uploads an image or a video clip, an alert email will be sent to you. You can also review images and videos uploaded days or even weeks ago. offers you following services.

FTP Server

Once you add a new camera in, FTP server, user and password will be provided for the camera. You can use these information to configure your camera, so it can upload images to a secured online storage. You can create up to 5 cameras for an online account.

Motion Detection Alert

If you choose to enable Motion Detection alert in for a camera, an alert email will be sent to you once your camera detects a motion and uploads an image or a video clip to It is also possible to send out a message to your cell phone. Many cellphone providers offer free service to transform an email to SMS and send it to your phone, find details in your wireless service provider, or take a look at this article.

File Storage

Each online account has access to 1GB storage space, which is shared by all your cameras. Based on how oftren your camera uploads images, you can store days or even weeks of images and video clips online. The file storage is tightly secured and no one else will have access to them unless you decide to share a file link to someone you trust.

Review Historical Images

In website, you can review stored images and video clips for each camera. Or you can use the same FTP account information to download these files using an FTP client, like FileZilla. Read this article on how to configure FileZilla to connect to FTP server. Note that you must enable FTP download in your account setting before trying to download through FTP. FPT is less secure than accessing through website. That is why it's highly recommended only enabling that option when you try to download files using FTP client, and disable the option after downloading is completed.

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