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Setup your camera

To setup an IP camera to protect your home using, first you need following hardware and service:

  • IP camera with FTP capability
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Wireless router, in some cases, your broadband modem may work as a wireless router as well. One example is U-verse gateway.

Once you have above hardware and service ready to use, and properly configure IP camera to connect to your home wireless network, you need to enter FTP server information to enable the camera to upload images and videos to

  1. Register an account in

    Create an account is easy, just enter your email, create a password, and you get a free trial.

  2. Add a new camera

    After you log in your account, click My Cameras tab, click the link Add Camera to add a new camera.

  3. Configure camera details

    In the camera setup page, configure the settings you want. Click the save button the create the camera.

    • Name: name of your camera

    • Alert if motion is detected: allow to send you an email when camera detects a motion and upload an image.

    • Email subject: you can customize the subject of motion detection alert email.

    • Alert if camera is inactive: if the camera is inactive than a specified period, send an email alert. This is useful to detect if the camera is disconnected from network.

    • Max time period that the camera can be inactive:default is 1 hour.

  4. Obtain FTP information

    For your camera to be able to upload images to, you need information about the FTP server, user and password. Please follow this instruction to retrieve those information.

  5. Configure camera's settings

    Enter the FTP information in your camera setup webpage. One thing to make sure is that the FTP server must set to be in Active mode. In your camera setup webpage, it may be showing "Turn off passive mode".