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Setup FileZilla to download images using FTP

FileZilla is a free FTP client that you can use to connect to storage to download files that were uploaded by your camera. Note that you must enable FTP download in your account setting before trying to download through FTP. FPT is less secure than accessing through website. That is why it's highly recommended only enabling that option when you try to download files using FTP client, and disable the option after downloading is completed.

Following are steps you need to follow to configure FileZilla.

  1. Open Site Manager

    Start FileZilla, click menu File, click Site Manager, showing in following screenshot.

  2. Add an entry in FileZilla's Site Manager

    Click "New Site" button to add a new site.

  3. Add an entry in FileZilla's Site Manager

    Name the FTP connection, and enter the server name, user name, password in the dialog, showing as following screenshot.

    Click here to learn how to get FTP account information.

  4. Set FTP server to use Active mode

    Click "Transfer Settings" tab, select "Active". This MUST be set to allow the connection to FTP server being established. Due to this setting, you cannot use the "QuickConnect" in FileZilla's toolbar to connect to's FTP server.

  5. Connect to FTP server

    You can select the FTP server in Site Manager, and click Connect button. Or, click the dropdown button next to the Site Manager button on toolbar, and select the FTP server you want to connect to. Once the server is connected, you can view existing files in the server, and download them by selecting the files, drag drop to the folder on the left panel, or right click on selected files to bring up the context menu.